Keto2Fast is a online collaboration for life long health enthusaists Chris Stevenson and Candice Day.

Having spent years reading through forums and blogs and websites they wanted to collaborate information into one easy spot so that the community that helped us so much over the years can also benefit from our knowledge we have gained and give it back to you guys!

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Candice Day

Virocious in her appetitite to understand all things Ketogenesis, Candy prowls blogs, archives and latest science reports relating to Keto, making her the Lioness of the savanna in the Keto world of knowledge. If you want to say hello, feel free to call her Candylion, she may either hug you or rawr like a lion.

Chris Stevenson

Ninja of the skies and underworld, Chris is a seasoned Keto lover and recent faster, who has an appetite for all things health, hormones and happiness. Weilding his developing skills, Chris saw the light at the end of the brainfog of carb diets and decided to collate all his knowledge into one place to help give back to the community.

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