Keto2Fast are looking for experienced members of the public that are enthusastic about the keto lifestyle and or intermitting / prolonged water fasting and have a reasonable understanding of how these diets affect the hormones in the body, and how the best leverage themselves and others to maximise their bodies wellbeing.

Article Writer x 2

If you have experience with Keto and Fasting and have experience with article writing in the past for online blogs and website – understanding keyword and keyphrase optimisation.  We would love to have you on board. Any nutrition in Personal Training, Health Coaching or Nutritional education is a big plus.

It’s a pay per article minimum 500 words.  Additional for every 100 words.

Payment based on your experience / industry education.

Please include a list to articles that you have published online – or in a pdf format, and include a cover lever of what you feel you can bring to the Keto2Fast team. Resume submission in the form below.

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