Water is the most critical ‘ingredient’ that you should be having every day for your health.  However their is another step up that might make a big difference for you, and that is Alkaline water.

Alkaline refers to the acidity of something, so Alkaline water is theirfore less acidic than standard purified or tap water.

The scale goes from 0-14 with 7 being neutral.  The body is on average between 7.3-7.5 – goal of reaching 7.4 however depending on your health issues / diet (which often contain a lot of acidic ingredients) this can be skewed down and creating further issues for you.

Since a cross section of diets usually have a higher acidity – this would naturally make the body more acidic, so the thinking goes that drinking water that is more alkaline would help average this out and bring it back more to a bodies neutral 7.4.

Similar scenarios for plains in the soil or fish in a fish tank, making sure that the acidity and the nutrients are correct – and when they are both will flourish.  This goes for the human body – making sure its at the correct level – allows cognitive function, body functions to work at a peak performance.

To note that their have not been many studies in this regard – however community consensus says that it does make a big difference feeling overall more clear minded and physically abled – and looking at it in a practical way does make logical sense.  If the body is out of its optimal range – the body will then have to work on averaging it out – rather than working on clearing up the body and healing itself.

It’s also shown to make a big difference for those that have suffered from acid reflux.  If you are after more tips as someone that suffers from acid reflux we have a few tips here that might help you out.

How to prevent Acid Reflux when Fasting

A study in China has shown that drinking water that was high in Alkalinity was also able to ease symptoms of hyper tension, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.

It’s been also researched that water with an alkalinity of 9 or above was able to ease acid reflux disabling enzymes involved in digesting food.

8 Benefits of Alkaline Water

1. Improve Digestion: You would think that a high acidity in your stomach the better at digesting it would be, but it actually interferes with the process disabling important enzymes used for digesting that need to function between certain ph balance in the stomach.  Acid reflux is also a common symptom flushing acid into the (your throat) and damaging your epiglottis (the flap that holds your stomach contents in).  Over time these can cause damage and further issues.

2. Looking more youthful: Since alkaline water can help ease the body back to its best ph level of 7.4 this allows the body to function at its most efficient ability.

3. Improved immune system: With an improved body function from drinking alkaline water, you’ll be able to fight off infections, clear up your system from harmful toxins and chemicals.

4. Weight loss: An unhealthy diet often includes a lot of fatty acids, and when the body is out of sync with its ph, the ph that is stored in the fat tissue causes issues as its released.  Having a more alkaline system allows the system to use the fat as a source of fuel and be able to process any acids that are released from this.

5. Improved Skin: With a lower acidity the body is able to process oils and acids that can get pushed up into the skin, or remove the need to excreate these toxins in the first place.  Being hydrated in the first place + using alkaline water can help improve this dramatically, and people who include alkaline water into their diet often comment on the improvement of their skin and softness within a week.

6. Stop acid reflux: One of the major reasons why people end up coming across the topic of alkaline water is to help ease acid reflux.  Common modern diets are often quite high in acidity and the stomach never gets a chance to fully process this.  Adding alkaline water into your system helps neutralise the acid and prevent it from bubbling up into your oesophagus.

7. Better bone density: A higher than normal ph level can also wear away at your bones causing them to weaken and become less strong and able to cope with stress and flexibilty.  Including alkaline water into your routine can help fight brittle bones and make you once strong again.

8. Improve energy: A better functioning digestion system and a correct alkaline level of 7.4 (the optimal for humans) helps the body to run in its peak performance mode.  And this obviously means more energy to focus on your productivity and workouts throughout the day, rather than being bogged down to combat the never ending high ph content of food that is coming in throughout the day.

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