Brain Fog or just a general feeling of not getting things as fast or at all like you used too (feeling a bit dumb) is a common symptom of fasts – so don’t feel like there is something wrong with you!  You are not alone!  Hopefully we will cover some information and tips on how to reduce or eradicate brain fog so that fasts are much more rewarding.

Get into Ketosis before Fasting

If you have only fasting for short periods of time intermittently – the switch from using glucose as a source of fuel for your brain to ketones can be a little trechrous and have flu like symtoms which is where you are getting the ‘brain fog’ from.  Getting into Ketosis using a Keto diet can help prevent this from happening at all.

Keep fasting

Maybe not the quick solution you were looking for but there is truth to it.  Ideally fasting in ketosis you should have high levels of focus and clarity.  However you could still be easing into ketosis during the early days and flushing out those final carbs.  Just stick with it and you’ll be clear of the brain fog soon enough.  If you want to speed past this process we have a great article with lots of tips to get into ketosis quicker without all the keto flu symptoms.

Go exercise

Its often recommended to not exercise vigorously particularly during a prolonged water fast.  You could simply be just sitting around to much – and need to give your body a boost.  Exercise has shown to dramatically boost brain function and clarity regardless of whether you are fasting or not – so going for a long walk or jog, hoping on that bike or hitting the gym is highly recommended.  You’ll notice a big difference without an hour of going.  If you are doing a water fast – don’t do intense exercise but stick to light ones such as walking, yoga or a gentle bike ride.

Keep busy

Having a highly adapted ketone brain is one of the most persistently lucid states of mind I’ve ever encountered. It is absolutely worth pursuing and cultivating.

The metabolic transformations imposed through fasting include the path of shifting the brain into using ketones instead of glucose for fuel. However, this path towards achieving a highly cultivated ketone brain takes a few days to transit, so one must keep fasting – this means mental clarity is only the result of longer fasts of at least 3 days or more; and/or a strengthened ketone metabolism from more frequent periods of intermittent fasting.

In the same fashion that a person might feel physically weak during their first fast, but then can compete at new personal bests athletically after becoming keto-adapted, you are also training your mind to perform on ketones, which it can do exceedingly well and with better sustained equanimity, clarity and insight than on blood glucose.

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