There is no official studies on this, however there seems to be a variety of consensus that it will generally improve male libido and lower female libido, why it does this i’ll explain below.

Higher Libido in Men during Fasts

Its often reported by men that Libido can increase dramatically during a fast.  Many scientific studies have shown that Human Growth Hormone, one of the most beneficial hormones to help heal you – will also boost testerone – another very healthy hormone that benefits men.  With the increased testosterone – men’s libidos can increase a little through to boosting dramatically.

Weight loss will often start to clear up cholesterol problems too – contributing to the fix of erectile dysfunction.  As the cholesterol clears out blood flows through your veins much easier including into your penis allowing it to get an erection much easier.  Just be aware your energy levels might be lower – so don’t over exert yourself during sexual acts and let your partner do most of the work for you – who knows you may even enjoy it more.

Below are some quotes from users on forums regarding boosted libido

The first four days I was beat. Now… incredibly horny. Intensely horny. My partner has to do all the moves (as I am still a little low on energy) but, I am enjoying it.

Lower Libido in Men during Fasts

The cases often with men that have lower libido or none at all often is directly correlated to their carb intake – some fasters noticed when they went back to their previous carb diets that their libido returned.

Upon reintroducing carbs, my weight and libido slowly went back up, until boom, I’m back at 210 lbs and my libido exactly where it was before I started this dieting.

Keep in mind the body is a very impressive system.  It’s often the case after many years of doing a certain diet or eating a particular way that the body shows signs of working perfectly fine – and things like libido have adjusted to work to whatever diet or environment it is in such as a high carb diet.  Fasting for longer periods or more regularly on a low carb / keto diet your system will eventually adjust – and you’ll reap the benefits and rewards + your libido will come back.

Eat higher quality meats – grass fed from your local butcher and not your supermarket.  OR remove meats and dairy completely.  Animals raised in stressful low quality environments can have increased toxins, and stress hormones which stay in the meat when consumed.  Cortisol and these toxins can greatly reduce your testosterone and as a result your libido.  Paying for high quality meats might seem out of your budget – however if you can – try removing meat altogether and see how that goes.  If you find that their is an improvement – you might be able to work into your budget to try higher quality grass fed and grass finished meats into your diet.

Lower Libido in Women during Fasts

One thing that some women may have discovered during longer fasts is the fact that it can trigger periods.  Even if they have just had one recently whilst eating their standard diet, commencing a fast a week later can trigger periods that last the entire time.  This in itself can kill libido.

It’s also suggested that without food the body is in an imitating a ‘starvation state’ (to note its not true starvation).  If there is no food coming in, then its likely not the best environment for a female to conceive a child or endure a pregnancy.  The body then naturally responds by lowering testosterone (responsible for arousal in women) and therefore lowering libido.

Suggested Evolution Theory

It would also make sense from a evolutionary perspective that men would need to procreate even more during a period of food drought uncertain if they may or may not servive, where as women would need to stop ovulating as having a pregnancy during a period where food is uncertain could be certain death for herself or her unborn child.

In Summary

People experience lots of different responses based on current weight, health issues, previous sexual dysfunction disorders.  However general consensus is that women will have lower libido, men will have higher.  However if you are the opposite, don’t stress.  Fasting and autophagy is one of the greatest healing processes you can ever endure, wait it out and reap the benefits down the line.

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