Getting into Ketosis can often be a sometime tedious and painful process.

To help speed up the process and make it as seemless as possible with little discomforts the following tips will make it easier to reach your keto state:

Exercise hard on the first day.

Ketosis is all about using Fat for fuel.  The normal state of your body runs on carbs and sugar (glycogen), and once this is depleted will start to use fat as your main source of fuel.  Exercising will help burn all the glycogen and fatty acids that are in your system and muscles, and trigger the body to start converting into ketosis to produce ketone bodies – which will then fuel your system going forwards.

Take some salt.

Take half a teaspoon or even a pinch as needed – this will help reduce headaches or any dizziness and nausea – its possible your salt levels might not be high – and this will help ease you into ketosis a little easier.  Me personally I use a full teaspoon and really enjoy this with some water – others I’ve found can’t stand it.  Reminds me of a warm chicken soup..  Just without the chicken – some imagination can go a long way with these things.

Don’t worry about electrolytes.

A lot of people stress that they need electrolytes in there system before going into a strict keto diet or water fasting.  In general the body has all the minerals and vitamins it needs.  The case might be that if its low on something your body may feel some fatigue but you are better to wait it out and let the body go find it somewhere in its stored proteins once autophagy starts.  This is where the real magic is.  If you plan to go beyond ten days – and you are focusing on deep healing – electrolytes may help ease this process for you on some tougher days.

Expect the first 24-48 hours to suck.

The goal is ketosis quickly but regardless of what you do, it generally will suck.  Keto Flu (view our article on easing keto flu symptoms) can be quite unpleasant to endure, but the rewards greatly out weight a few days of feeling a bit average.

Don’t look at images of food on facebook or instagram, avoid tv – a food advertisement is guaranteed to pop up each ad session, and avoid watching youtube cooking videos.

You generally will feel amazing after 4-5 days for the next few weeks.  And will also notice by the third day any symptom of hunger will have gone.

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