One of the main questions that often get asked is whether coffee is ok during a fast.

The answer is a big FAT (pun intended) YES.  As long as its only black.  Make sure to check the back of the label if its instant coffee to see if it says 100% coffee beans, and that their are no additional flavours added like hazelnut or vanilla.

The property in coffee that helps actually induce autophagy are Polyphenols.

There was a recent study on 3 groups of mice giving them a non toxic dose of caffeinated, non caffeinated and just water continuously and it was shown that it greatly induced autophagy in the mice that drank both caffeinated and non caffeinated coffee.  With the caffeinated mice showing a little bit more autophagy happening vs the non caffeinated.  It took about 4 hours to induce into the mice that had drank pure coffee.

Control (water) vs Decaffinated and Regular coffee use in mice induced autophagy much quicker. Study Link:

The graph above shows liver cells reaching autophagy much quicker using black coffee vs just drinking water within about 12 hours.  You can see the cells have shrunk and cleared out a lot of toxins that have built up.

Effect of coffee over the first 16 hours, showing that more coffee with induce autophagy quicker. Link:

In summary it won’t stop autophagy, if anything it will only induce it quicker!  So cups up and drink up !

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