Bacon Avocado Mayo Breakfast Lettuce Wrap BurritoBreakfast burritos! One of those morning delights that really hit the belly well. Get your day started with some healthy saturated fats and protein sources to fuel your busy day ahead of you. The lettuce wraps add that final crunch that really satisfies those taste buds.
Chilli Garlic Soy Marinated Pork Rashers + LemonWho doesn't like pork rashers! This filipino inspired dish helps takes them to another heavenly level. Home made spicy sweet marinade, pan fried or oven baked. This goes great with any sides vegetables or salad. The lemon juice is the perfect tangy flavour, and a must if you haven't ever tried it with Pork before!
Chicken Bone Broth SoupBone Broth! One of those delights that every keto enthusiast has in their kitchen arsenal. This one is an easy and also very affordable dish. Chicken wings are great with lots of fat and gelatin one of the most important protiens that the body uses and needs. Put together in minutes and wake up to chicken falling off the bone! Yum!
10 Minute Keto Chocalate Chip CookiesWho didn't love those gooey choc chip cookies growing up! Well lucky for you we are pulled out all our scientific knowledge and cooking skills to put together a simple to make Chocolate chip cookie recipe that is a must to have for those cravings or post meal 'sweet' bites that you might want to settle with your palette.
Crunchy Sesame Asian Salad + Pan Fried BasaSalads are definitely something I personally missed switching to KETO cuisine, but it's actually not hard to do, just need to make sure your salad ingredients are sugar free; and create your own salad creamy sauce and you have a hitting winner. Pan fried seeds and nuts give this winner an extra crunchy texture. Definitely one to impress!
Chicken Wrapped in Bacon + Cauliflower Mash Spinach BaseBacon wrapped chicken is one of those lovely delights that one must experience, and certainly one of the easier dishes to pull together that gives great results with great visual results. This is a classic french Mediterranean European dish with a modern twist of Cauliflower puree base topped with spinach sautéed in butter and garlic. Mmmm!