Bacon Avocado Mayo Breakfast Lettuce Wrap BurritoBreakfast burritos! One of those morning delights that really hit the belly well. Get your day started with some healthy saturated fats and protein sources to fuel your busy day ahead of you. The lettuce wraps add that final crunch that really satisfies those taste buds.
Chicken Bone Broth SoupBone Broth! One of those delights that every keto enthusiast has in their kitchen arsenal. This one is an easy and also very affordable dish. Chicken wings are great with lots of fat and gelatin one of the most important protiens that the body uses and needs. Put together in minutes and wake up to chicken falling off the bone! Yum!
Crunchy Sesame Asian Salad + Pan Fried BasaSalads are definitely something I personally missed switching to KETO cuisine, but it's actually not hard to do, just need to make sure your salad ingredients are sugar free; and create your own salad creamy sauce and you have a hitting winner. Pan fried seeds and nuts give this winner an extra crunchy texture. Definitely one to impress!