If you’re a newbie or and oldie to the water fasting scene, you might be considering what types of exercise you can pair with it.

In general its considered bad practice to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or anarobic style exercie (heavy weights).  As your body is running on fat in a 24+ hour fast, there is little glycogen (fuel for heavy muscle workouts) left in your system. A large amount 90% of the energy is being run on fat.

When you do an intense workout the protien in your body (usually sourced from your muscles) gets converted into energy for your workout.  So you might be depleting some fat for your hard workout, but you are losing muscle mass and doing much more damage.

Which is where things like Yoga and Pilates can be used as Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) workouts.

Suggested Yoga Classes

Keep in mind some studios will rename some classes with their own branding.  If you have something different for the same class let me know in the comments and I can update the article.

Choose classes that are slow, and more stretch based.  If the teacher encourages you to feel a stretch and you feel some pain, bring it back.  

Remember you are fasting, not trying to work out your muscles.

Hatha: This is a slow stretch based class, and is perfect for beginners. This is all about basic postures, breath work, relaxation techniques, and meditation

Vinyasa: This has more flow than Hatha creating nice flow and transitions between each pose.

Jivamukti: This is a physical, spiritual and ethical practice – great for focusing your your goals and aligning yourself to who you want to be.  Usually starts with a scripture / non harming talk regarding the environment, harm towards animals, friendship, vegetarian, vegan lifestyles, and then proceeds with Vinyassa style yoga poses.

Yin: This is one of my preferred. Its very slow and performed in a hot room, however not straining – so hydrating before hand is not an issue.  Definately a good one to ease into before trying another stretch based meditative class.

Yoga Classes to be careful with

Hot Yoga or Bikrams:  If you are going to do one of these ‘Hot’ yoga classes its suggested to hydrate a few hours before.  Drink a litre more water than you normally would. You will be sweating it all out. Some of the poses can really stretch you out – with the heat easing this.  Make sure to dial it back if you feel like your muslces are tensing. If the teacher comes around to encourage you a bit more. Just stick with the post you are in – your focused on stretching, not straining your muscles.

Ashtanga: This is a slightly better than Hot yoga, just make sure to not over stretch.  This one focuses on your inner self a lot. So can be great for meditative reasons accelerating your clear mental calm state that you should be in whilst water fasting.

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